Reykjavik, Iceland

As many of you know, I had the pleasure of working as a behind the scenes photographer on set for a feature film (Other Versions of You) in Iceland and Southern France. I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work on this film, alongside an amazing cast and crew, and I'm excited to see where it goes! 

It's hard to describe the amount of beauty we encountered within our four day Icelandic excursion. I am both terrified and excited to attempt to share with you the places we experienced. I truly want to do the beauty of Iceland justice! The following pictures are from our first two days of shooting in downtown Reykjavik, the largest city in Iceland.

Reykjavik is just lovely. It's filled with hip stores, modern architecture, the prettiest of people, Icelandic words (The Icelandic language is one of the more exciting and confusing things for an American to look at), a Lutheran church with volcanic-inspired architecture and an awesome overlook of the city, lots of bars, several "American" restaurants (Burgers and wings were plastered across the store fronts) #proud2beanamerican)), horizons lined with mountains and many other spots I didn't get the chance to see.

Please enjoy!