Geysir + Gullfoss, Iceland

Geysir - Within a matter of seconds, the restless blue puddle welled up and turned to a white hot burst. It sprayed all who stood by and roared at the wind. As we watched the white burst collect and quiet itself, we realized we were subject to the whims of something both very beautiful and very harsh....

Gullfoss - As we drove up to Gullfoss, it was truly as though the hills and sky opened up and the great fall just appeared. Underneath a gentle white midst and carved inside the black hills were white wild falls. A few of us climbed to a cliff that overlooked the falls to see the entirety of Gullfoss. When I reached the top, I was hit and overwhelmed with a feeling I've never been fully experienced with before - the feeling of smallness. Infinite smallness and insignificance. Before the great fall, I was humbled.

Sitting here in my lovely Midwestern suburban home today, I cannot completely describe the humility I experienced at Gullfoss. I do not often find myself humbled by the land around me. Sure, I enjoy the trees, flowers and fields that cover the Midwest, but never have I been knocked off my feet by its sight. Here, I live safely and comfortably, remaining in control and unthreatened by the world around me - in the context of nature. However, in Iceland, I was reminded that this is indeed not the case.

Experiencing this felt like a relief, as though I had finally admitted to myself the truth about my life... The truth that I am not in control, that I am temporary and that I am small. And that there is something out there, far greater than me, in control. Perhaps the song Goner, by Twenty One Pilots, sums up this feeling well. 

Anyway, between wiping tears from my eyes and looking over at Nick in amazement of what was before us, here are the photos I took at Gullfoss.